• Steel Industry
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Sugar Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Fine Chemicals
  • Coal Moisture Control (CMC)
  • BPA
  • PP
  • Fine Chemical Mixing & Filling System
    (About 10 units sold in Taiwan.)
  • Sludge Dryer & Incineration
  • Gas-holder
  • Process Equipment of Sugar Industry
  • PTA
  • Sewage Treatment

Chemicals Installation List

Year Company Application Facilities Remark
1997 E Photo Resist AWFC
(Automatical Washing, Filling & Capping System)
Class 10, explosion-proof facilities
1997 T IPA Filling System for 200 Liter Canister  
1999 C Photo Resist Automatical Filling System Class 10, explosion-proof facilities
1999 N CoatingChemicals Construction of Factory Civil, Dteel Structure, Piping, Process Equipment...etc.
2000 E Photo Resist 2000L Mixing System Class 10, explosion-proof facilities
2000 E Color Resist 500L Mixing System & Filling System for 1 Gallon bottle Class 10, explosion-proof facilities
2002 N Coating Chemicals Recycling System, Design, Storage/Agitating/Reaction Tank supply, Piping, Instruments, Structure, Lifter, Installation

Basic Design :

Detail Design :

2003 N Coating Chemicals Design, Procurement of Facilities, machine supply, Inspection, Instruments, Installation, Commissioning & S/V Shanghai, China
2005 A Color Resist All process equipments (EPC) including Tank, Pump, N2 Generator, Compressed Air System, Filling Machine and EP Non-Explosive Area, Hazardous Area and Clean Room Class 1000
2006 A Fine Chemical EPC for new Storage Tank with Pumping System & Piping Non-Explosive Area
2020 A Fine Chemical New Partition, Air Condition, Process Equipment (EPC) including Agitating Tank, Pumps, Filter and Producing / Utilities (N2, IA, Vacuum and Venting) Piping Hazardous Area and Clean Room Class 1,000 & Class 10,000

Other Project List in Taiwan

Year Company Application Facilities Remark
2007 CSC Coal Moisture Control Steam Tube Dryer System Engineering & Procurement Base Site Office Management
2012 N Company EPOXY Waste Liquid Incineration Dissolver Replacement 2 Phases Civil, Piping, Fabrication And Installation

Other Services

A. Fabrication in Taiwan
  • Crystallizer 22 sets
  • Evaporator 2 sets
  • Hopper Dryer 4 sets
  • Stripper & Reactor 6 sets
B. Procurement Service
  • Pump & Blower
  • Packing/weighing machine